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Objective:  To ensure that all one, two and three family dwellings have a properly installed home sewage disposal system and that no health hazards exist through a sewage nuisance.

New systems, alteration, replacement, small flows

2015 Ohio Sewage Rules

Onsite Evaluation

Sewage Certification

Septic Install Steps

Design/As-Built Drawing Form

Application for Installers, Haulers, and Service Providers

Online Installer/Hauler/Service Provider Test

Permit Application

Registered Installer List

Registered Septage Haulers/Pumpers

Registered Service Providers

Operation & Maintenance Program

With the introduction of The State of Ohio’s 2015 Sewage Treatment Laws, the Ohio Department of Health requires that all health departments enroll all sewage treatment systems in an operation and maintenance program. All systems installed after 2015 are automatically enrolled in the program. Systems that were installed before 2015 will be added into the program during the following: sewage certifications, land splits, valid nuisances, and any other activities where the septic is inspected. The requirement for the operation and maintenance program was mandated at the state level and was not a decision made at the local level or by local officials.

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