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Pike County Medical Reserve Corps

1. The Pike County Medical Reserve Corps (“PCMRC”) is a locally- based, region-wide medical-personnel resource whose purpose is to augment, assist and support the existing medical and public health systems during disasters and public health emergencies.

2. The Pike County MRC consists of volunteer healthcare professionals from several different disciplines who can be called upon to assist the community in the vent of a major disaster or large-scale public health emergency, including natural or man-made disasters or acts of terrorism.

3. As an “all-hazards” resource, the unit’s personnel and resources may be utilized in any type of natural or man-made emergency. Unit personnel will only be used in functional areas or assignments for which they are properly trained and equipped.

4. The Pike County MRC may be used in large-scale, complex emergencies involving multiple jurisdictions and interagency operations or in smaller incidents involving a single jurisdiction or agency. Pike County MRC personnel and resources may be assigned to area hospitals, public health agencies or mass care facilities to augment and assist the staff of these healthcare facilities.

5. The Pike County MRC unit will not replace existing emergency medical response systems or resources. During emergencies, Medical Reserve Corps volunteers may provide an important “surge” capability to perform some functions usually performed by emergency health staff. They can also augment medical and support staff shortages at local medical or emergency facilities.

6. The Pike County MRC is primarily designed to assist and supplement the existing emergency medical response and public health systems in emergencies. However, Pike County MRC personnel and resources may be utilized in non-emergency situations such as public health initiatives, community health outreach programs depending upon on their availability.

If interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact the Pike County General Health District (740)947-7721.


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