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Immunizations are offered in the public health clinic during all normal hours of operation to both children and adults.  All required childhood immunizations (DTaP, IPV, MMR, HIB and Hepatitis B, and Varicella) and elective childhood immunizations (Gardasil/HPV, Tdap, Prevnar, Influenza, Meningitis) are available.  Adult vaccinations such as Influenza and Pneumonia are available.  Off site immunization clinics are scheduled when several vaccinations are anticipated.  Many times an off site clinic is conducted for health fairs, school registrations and at work places prior to flu season.  These off site clinics can be arranged by calling 947-7721.

All immunizations are provided at a reduced rate or may be free in certain circumstances.  Medicaid is accepted, but immunizations will not be withheld for lack of coverage or inability to pay.

Immunization records are available if vaccines were administered at the Health Dept. or at a facility utilizing “IMPACT SIIS”, the Ohio immunization registry and reminder system. For questions, please contact the Public Health Department @ 947-7721.

Traveler’s Health Information (including vaccines)

**PCGHD does not offer travel vaccines, please see Scioto Co. Health Department**

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