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Emergency Preparedness

The public health emergency preparedness program works with the districts’ nursing, environmental and administrative staff to develop and exercise response capabilities with respect to public health. In the event of a serious occurrence of a communicable disease, Pike County must be prepared to execute functions not normally required during events typically planned for by other disciplines such as law enforcement and fire service. These include disease surveillance and investigation, mass prophylaxis for those that are exposed, isolation and quarantine, and even mass fatalities. Therefore, the Pike County General Health District has an emergency response coordinator to plan for and respond to such events.

It is important to remember that many disciplines will have a role in events as serious as pandemic influenza, a bioterrorism event or a communicable disease outbreak and that it will not be contained within Pike County boundaries. The Pike County General Health District staff maintains ongoing working relationships with public health agencies in neighboring jurisdictions and other county agencies.

Through these and countless other activities, the Pike County General Health District Emergency Response staff strives to ensure the health and safety of the citizens and visitors of the city. Plans evolve to meet the increasing challenges of these changing times.

PCGHD Base Plan

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PCGHD Base Plan