+740.947.7721 24-hour emergency contact

BCMH – Bureau for Children with Medical Handicaps

BCMH - Nurse with BabyThe BCMH program (Bureau for Children with Medical Handicaps) is designed to facilitate medical care for children from birth to 21 years of age that are medically handicapped.  A public health nurse within PCGHD is the on-site BCMH coordinator for the county.  Each child is seen initially in the home by the Public Health nurse to determine eligibility and specific needs. Each child is then seen at least annually or more as necessary.  The child is then referred to medical specialists that can best determine the treatment pathway and requirements for the specific diagnosis.  Any child who is determined to be eligible for this program will receive all care either for free or at a greatly reduced rate.  For further information, please contact the Public Health Department at 740-947-7721.



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